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Robusta Coffee Beans

The second most popular type of coffee bean is Robusta. This bean originated in sub-Saharan Africa and is now grown primarily in Africa and Indonesia. It’s also particularly popular in Vietnam and is often mixed into coffee blends. It’s a less expensive variety, making it a very budget-friendly choice for roasters.

Robusta beans are larger and more rounded than the other bean varieties. These plants typically grow much larger than Arabica plants, measuring between 15 and 20 feet. Robusta beans are typically considered to be hardier because they can grow at lower altitudes and resist diseases. But recent research suggests that they don’t handle heat as well as was previously thought.

What do they taste like?

Many people think that Robusta coffee is harsher and more bitter. It often has a strong smell and a somewhat flat, almost burnt taste. Robusta beans also have significantly more caffeine than Arabica beans.

Though many fans of gourmet coffee turn up their noses at Robusta, we’d recommend trying it every once in a while. You may be surprised! We sampled an excellent Robusta bean from Angels’ Cup coffee subscription. The unusual Thai beans were earthy and spiced, without a hint of bitterness.

Where can you find Robusta beans?

Robusta beans are pretty easy to find since they’re common in blends. Some gourmet roasters offer special Robusta blends, and you can check Vietnamese coffee suppliers like Len’s Coffee. Plus, instant coffee is typically 100% Robusta.